Two philosophies that we strongly believe in that makes SHI work places a success are Community Workspace creation and Reverse Inclusion


We believe working in a community works. Having equals among your co-workers is vital to work effectively and efficiently. Co-workers provide a sense of belonging, a sense of security and a sense of support in everyday work life.

Our approach is to engage a team of 10 or more employees of similar abilities to work together in the same team. A smaller team will only enhance alienation of the workforce as abled people would prefer to create social interactions with other abled people due to sheer ease.



SHI Community flourishes while among their own. We believe that an organisation has to enable their abled staff to converse and interact with SHIs so as to have an effective work relationship.

Therefore, we insist that the abled staff learn basic Indian Sign Language and are sensitised about the way of being of SHIs. Therefore our training programs not only focus on ensuring that the SHI workforce is capable, but also ensures that the supervisors are well equipped with abilities and language to deal with the SHI workforce.

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