Speech & Hearing Impaired, otherwise known as deaf and mute is an impairment that is caused genetically by birth, by an accident or medically through an infection. In most cases, hearing deficiency goes hand in hand with speaking as one cannot emulate if he cannot hear.

As we are aware, there is limited infrastructure of schooling & education and civil society conveniences for SHI and even less opportunities of employment. While basic schooling is accessible upto Class X albeit limited facilities, they are on their own to access higher education, and often pass exams by studying from guides and solved papers.


What SHI can do

How businesses can benefit

While their disability is well known, the lesser known facts of Speech and Hearing Impaired workforce are:

And therefore where business requirement can harness these added skills, profiles that engage them can greatly benefit, giving:
  • Their other senses are heightened way beyond just compensating for the missing sense

  • Their expertise shows up in activities that require dexterous hand activities

  • They use their smile as an important communication means while dealing with customers face-to-face

  • Their expertise shows up where process driven standardised work is required

  • They have high creative talent, provided we are able to harness it.

  • Low attrition levels and high commitment levels to job and employment

  • High concentration at work increasing focus on the work output and job at hand

  • Low distractions as there are no noise distractions and diversions

  • High visual learning ability wherein they can observe, understand and learn much faster

  • High work engagement levels with presence of their community creating social inclusion

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